Small is Good

When we talk about wildlife photography small groups matters, no doubts. That means having always a good spot to shoot but, above all, we do not disturb the species we take pictures of. If we can get so close to bears, a few meters , in total security is because we do not stress them, we keep them relaxed with our limited presence and respectful behavior and magically the bears feels confident and get closer. Our groups have maximum 8 photographers, average 6/7. We always have a ranger with us and a guide who look after ourselves meanwhile we are busy in taking pictures.


Nothing can beat Experience

Success is no coincidence. With a very high rate of repeaters Kamchatka Photo Tours is proud to celebrate its sixth year of operations in Kamchatka  and to count on a truly international  group of satisfied photographers as references. Attention to details , constant listening to improve and photographic competence are the recipe for the perfect photo tour. Marco Urso, moreover  is the wildlife photographer who has been mostly awarded with pictures taken here.  An experience you can trust.


Reliable and Established Partners

We work together with the best local suppliers to roll out all the travel details and we have done that for years. Simply like that, no compromise. Travelling to such a remote land with different service standards can be sometime tricky. Logistics are difficult, communications are difficult. This is why having proved reliable partners makes a big difference. We use the same land operators of BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, companies used to go the extra miles when we talk about quality pictures and expectations.You will be in good hands.


Focus on Photography

We take care of everything  and we never lose sight of what is your travel purpose: Photography and we plan to deliver the very best photo experience. All decisions for choosing the spots  are taken according to the shooting possibilities that particular day. We care about the type of light, the backgrounds and where the action is. We spend really plenty of time with bears, between 10 and 12 hours daily. Our motto is:  “Go Early, stay later” , something you cannot get with a normal tourist company


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