What participants think


“Time  is planned to focus all day long on photographing bears”

“I discovered the South Kamchatka Sanctuary with Marco in 2016 and I returned there with him again in 2017. The location provides unique and fantastic photographic possibilities: the iconic volcanos are some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. The interactions between bears and salmons are very intense, thus offer a wide range of attitudes, action and portraits opportunities. The way our time there is planned afford us to focus all day long on photographing  bears. The only limitations could be your backup storage available…and your sleeping time. Thank you again Marco for this”

Denis – France


“The best wildlife photo shoot I have ever done!”

“Thanks again for the 2017 Kamchatka bears photo tour. I can say without a doubt that it was the best wildlife photo shoot I have ever done. The variety of scenic locations and high concentration of bears allowed me to get unique images”

Greg – Texas – USA


“I can’t have enough of this place”

“Kamchatka and Kuril lake have one of the largest concentration of brown bears in the world.   Its breathtaking scenic views and abundance of wildlife makes this a nature photographer’s trip of a lifetime.  My first visit in 2015 was one of my most prolific trips ever, and that followed with two other trips back to back in 2016 and 2017. It seems I can’t have enough of this place since I am already planning to return in 2019. If you are lucky enough to visit Kamchatka, brace yourself for an amazing adventure and a photographic trip of a lifetime.”

Cesar – Georgia – USA


“A very smooth and kind companionship”

“Thanks so much for the great experience, extraordinary photoconditions and very smooth and kind companionship in Kamchatka, Marco!”

Jon – Norway


“It was simply cool and great!”

“I really appreciate the trip with you, it was great. It was so cool beeing on Kuril Lake with you, many thanks!”

Renè – Zurich – Switzerland


“Nowhere  I was as close to the brown bear as in  Kamchatka”

“It was a great tour. You had a great group put together. Everyone was good and had a lot of fun together.  Yes and then the highlight of the tour: the bears!
I have filmed many great wild animals in the world: the Grizzlies in Alaska, the polar bears in the Arctic, the tigers in India, the sea elephants in Antarctica and the lions in Africa. Nowhere  I was as close  to the brown bear as in  Kamchatka. You could really do without telephoto. It was just fantastic to be directly with the bears and observe them in their natural environment for days. I am so glad  for having taken part to your photo expedition. An unforgettable experience! I wish you every success and continue to have such great photo safaris.
Greetings from Hamburg”

Hartmut – Germany


“It was our most intensive photography trip with long hours in the field”

“Of course the highlight was our time at Kambalnaya River and Lake Kuril and for that we thank you most sincerely.  It was our most intensive photography trip with long hours in the field and just enough time time to recharge batteries literally and figuratively back in camp-thanks to Tatiana’s amazing food and sound sleep.  We’re only just starting to go through about 800 GB of photos, but I’m confident that we’ve done justice to the bears and their behaviour.  We’re particularly pleased to have opted for the combined tour as the background settings are so different and make for a more diverse collection. We know how much work must go into planning such a trip and making it run so smoothly and enjoyably, particularly with such a multinational group.  We do appreciate your efforts and Elena’s help.”

Sandy and Kevin – Australia